Academic Year 2018-19


The Students of the Mechanical Engineering bags the Champion of Champions Award, for the BEST TEAM SPIRIT in the Autocar Vehicle Racing Competition organized by the Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers, held @ Vijayawada

Academic Year 2016-17

car-mech achi

We honor our mechanical students 3rd year(2015-2019 batch) participated in “SUPRA- SAE INDIA” organised by sae (India) took place in Budh circuit, Noida, New Delhi.

solar car

“Lowest Weight Solar Vehicle” – A batch of students from Department of Mechanical awarded 2nd place under the category of lowest Weight Solar Vehicle in ASIA’S Largest Event – Electric Solar Vehicle Championship 2017.

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Academic Year 2015-16

kart racing

A team of 25 Students  participated in the” NATIONAL KART RACING 2015 at Bhopal and  won 4th  place amongst 82 teams at the  National  level .

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Academic Year 2014-15

kalpana ncc

We honor our NCC Cadet S.Kalpana won 0.22 firing-silver medal in state level, 100 Yards in 2014 and participated in the” INDIAN REPUBLIC DAY TROOP ” and met Prime Minister.

multi wheeel chair

We appreciate our students  Mr. Chetan Rajput, Mr. Vigneshwar & Mr. Abubackar have designed a  “MULTI PURPOSE WHEEL CHAIR” project which has been telecasted in leading Tamil Television  in the title of Innovative Projects useful to Society and was highly appreciated.

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Academic Year 2013-14

free wheel engine

We laud our students Mr. Surya Deepan, Mr. Loga Prasanna & Mr. Sundar have designed & fabricated” FREE WHEEL ENGINE “& won several recognitions in various innovation events and  Filed for patent (1882/CHE/2015).

versitile bicycle

We compliment our student  Mr.Shyam C (2011-2015 Batch),B.E- Mechanical 3rd year student won 3rd prize in “CII AWARD 2014” for the project “VERSATILE BICYCLE” and filed patent 3047/CHE/2015  and also won 2nd prize in “STUDENT INNOVATOR AWARD-2014 ”in ICTACT Bridge.

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Other Achievements

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