Academic Year 2016-17

car-mech achi

We honor our mechanical students 3rd year(2015-2019 batch) participated in “SUPRA- SAE INDIA” organised by sae (India) took place in Budh circuit, Noida, New Delhi.

solar car

“Lowest Weight Solar Vehicle” – A batch of students from Department of Mechanical awarded 2nd place under the category of lowest Weight Solar Vehicle in ASIA’S Largest Event – Electric Solar Vehicle Championship 2017.

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Academic Year 2015-16

kart racing

A team of 25 Students  participated in the” NATIONAL KART RACING 2015 at Bhopal and  won 4th  place amongst 82 teams at the  National  level .

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Academic Year 2014-15

kalpana ncc

We honor our NCC Cadet S.Kalpana won 0.22 firing-silver medal in state level, 100 Yards in 2014 and participated in the” INDIAN REPUBLIC DAY TROOP ” and met Prime Minister.

multi wheeel chair

We appreciate our students  Mr. Chetan Rajput, Mr. Vigneshwar & Mr. Abubackar have designed a  “MULTI PURPOSE WHEEL CHAIR” project which has been telecasted in leading Tamil Television  in the title of Innovative Projects useful to Society and was highly appreciated.

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Academic Year 2013-14

free wheel engine

We laud our students Mr. Surya Deepan, Mr. Loga Prasanna & Mr. Sundar have designed & fabricated” FREE WHEEL ENGINE “& won several recognitions in various innovation events and  Filed for patent (1882/CHE/2015).

versitile bicycle

We compliment our student  Mr.Shyam C (2011-2015 Batch),B.E- Mechanical 3rd year student won 3rd prize in “CII AWARD 2014” for the project “VERSATILE BICYCLE” and filed patent 3047/CHE/2015  and also won 2nd prize in “STUDENT INNOVATOR AWARD-2014 ”in ICTACT Bridge.

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Other Achievements

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