Guest Lectures

Even Semester

Recent Trends in Cloud Computing

Date: 09.03.19
Chief Guest
Mr.G. N. Rajesh, Senior Cloud Architect
Procter & Gamble

Dot Net Programming

Date: 01.03.19
Chief Guest
Mr.M.Michal Kavirajan, Technical Architect
TCS, Chennai

Innovation on Artificial Intelligence

Date: 11.01.19
Chief Guest
Dr.Syed Ajaml, Director
Ajlon Technologies

Odd Semester

Recent Trends in Java Programming & Real Time Product Development

Date: 27.07.18
Chief Guest
Mr. Subramanian Ramachandran, Project Manager,
Cognizant Technology & Solutions, Chennai
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Even Semester

Big Data Analytics

Date: 13.02.18
Chief Guest
Mr. D. Joel K. Pandian, Founder & Chairman
SJD Soft Pvt Ltd
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Odd Semester

SAP ERP Overview

Date: 21.09.17
Chief Guest
Ms.Shanthimani, Senior Manager
Accenture, Chennai
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Computer Network

Date: 12.08.17
Chief Guest
Dr.Dhananjay Kumar, Professor – CSE
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Transforms & Partial Differential Equations

Date: 26.07.17
Chief Guest
Dr. Suresh, Professor / Maths,
VTU, Chennai,
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Academic Year 2016-17
S.No Date Topic Chief Guest
1 20.02.17 Probability & Queuing Theory Dr.P. Suresh, Professor, VTU,
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2 14.03.17 Artificial Intelligence Dr.R.Baskaran Professor, CSE
Anna University Chennai
3 08.03.17 Artificial Intelligence Dr.S.Baskaran, Associate Professor, Anna University,  View Gallery
4 18.08.16 Transforms & Partial Differential Equations Dr. Suresh, Assoc. Professor, VTU,
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5 15.07.16 Grid & Cloud Computing Dr.Bose
Professor, CSE
6 08.07.16 Web Programming Mr.D.Shandhana Krishnan
Software Developer
Sun Micro system

Academic Year 2015-16

S.No Date Topic Chief Guest
1 19.03.16 Software Engineering Dr.G.Rajesh, Professor-IT, MIT,Chennai,
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2 19.03.16 Artificial Intelligence- Dr.Dhanajaya Kumar, Professor-IT, MIT,Chennai,
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3 07.03.16 Operating Systems Dr.Dhananjay Kumar
Assoc. Professor-CSE Anna university
4 08.02.16 Graphics and Multimedia Dr.A.Vadivel,
Associative Professor
NIT – Thirchy
5 11.09.16 Web Programming Mr.Gnanamuthu, Team Leader,TCS
6 14.09.16 Database Management System Dr.S.Baskaran, Associate Professor,
Anna University
7 24.09.16 Computer Architecture Dr.M.Manikandan
MIT – Chennai

Academic Year 2014-15

S.No Date Topic Chief Guest
1 04.04.15 Compiler Design Dr.M.Manikandan
MIT – Chennai
2 19.03.15 Software Engineering Dr.G.Rajesh
Associative Professor-CSE
MIT – Chennai
3 09.03.15 Network Programming & Management Dr.P.AnandhKumar
Professor & HOD-IT
MIT – Chennai
4 23.2.15 Probability and Queuing Theory Dr.P.Suresh
Vel Tech University-Chennai
5 17-07-14 Computer Network Dr.P.Anandh Kumar,
Associative Professor in CSE ,
MIT , Chennai
6 17-07-14 Computer Organization Architecture Dr.M.Manikandan,
Associative Professor in EEE,
MIT, Chennai
7 18-07-14 Data Base Management System Mr.M.K.Dinesh Chandhar,
Accenture -S/W Engineer, Chennai
8 06-08-14 Mobile Communication Dr.Dhananjay Kumar,
Associative Professor in IT,
Anna university , Chennai
9 03-09-14 Frequency Transformation Dr.P.Chandra Sekar,
Associative Professor in EEE ,
VTU ,Chennai
10 05-09-14 Transform Partial Differential Equation Dr.P.Suresh,
Associative Professor in Maths,
VTU, Chennai