Canteen is a cafe, restaurant, or cafeteria provided for the use of students/workers at a particular place to have their food. Our institution is equipped with two canteens. One is meant for having snacks and tea during break hour and another one is a very vast one meant for taking break fast and lunch.

bulletin Food items provided in our canteen will be tasty as it is the same food prepared for hostels too. Both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian items are available in canteen. All varieties of cool drinks will be available in our canteen. Our canteen suits to all sections of people.

bulletin Apart from this our campus is also equipped with “COFFEE DAY EXPRESS CENTRE”, which is functioning for the past one year especially for the welfare of student. Varieties of hot and cold drinks will be available for the whole day. Added to it snacks items such as chips, puffs (Veg & Non-veg), cakes will be available for affordable prices.

bulletin One more added advantage of our multi tech campus is “BAKERY”. As per the quote pleasant smell of the cake or bread will say the taste of the product. All bakery items such as varieties of cakes, breads, cream buns, puffs (both veg & non-Veg) will be available for the whole day.