Case Tools Lab

Lab In-charge

Mr. K. Immanuvel Arokia James, M.Tech
Assistant Professor

To develop a mini-project by following the 9 exercises listed below.

  • To develop a problem statement.
  • Identify Use Cases and develop the Use Case model.
  • Identify the conceptual classes and develop a domain model with UML Class diagram.
  • Using the identified scenarios, find the interaction between objects and represent them using UML Sequence diagrams.
  • Draw relevant state charts and activity diagrams.
  • Identify the User Interface, Domain objects, and Technical services. Draw the partial layered, logical architecture diagram with UML package diagram notation.
  • Develop and test the Technical services layer.
  • Develop and test the Domain objects layer.
  • Develop and test the User interface layer.

Suggested domains for Mini-Project:

  • Passport automation system.
  • Book bank
  • Exam Registration
  • Stock maintenance system.
  • Online course reservation system
  • E-ticketing
  • Software personnel management system
  • Credit card processing
  • e-book management system
  • Recruitment system
  • Foreign trading system
  • Conference Management System
  • BPO Management System
  • Library Management System
  • Student Information System


  • ATM System
  • Employee Payroll System