Communication Club

Communication Club:

Communication club was inaugurated on 08 July 2014 with the aim to engage students in leisure activites whereby enabling them with life skills such as problem solving, decision making, interpersonal skills, communicative skills, behavioral skills. The club maintains a conducive platform for Building young minds to socially exchange idea.


  • To create lively atmosphere for learning outside beyond academia.
  • To engage student in creative activities.
  • To inculcate lifelong learning through cognitive and behavior skills.
  • To promote a positive attitude towards life.


  • Aptitude skills- discussion on aptitude test modeled on industries were given.
  • Reasoning skills- analytical skills, critical thinking, and problem solving skills were discussed.
  • Group Discussion- topics such as Capital Punishment, Women Empowerment, Sexual Harassment, Is Cricket killing other sports in India and current issues were discussed.
  • Debate- Foreign Languages in India, Ancient Culture Vs Modern Culture and Work for life or Life for Work, etc were debated.
  • Presentation skills – self introduction, Just a Minute, extempore, ship wreck, technical topics were presented
  • Mock Interview- mock interview was conducted. Resume writing, interview, and personal grooming were instructed.

Communication Club Co-ordinators:

S.No Name of the Co-ordinators Designation
1 Dr.T Senthamarai Convener
2 Mrs.U. Sreerekha Member
3 Ms.S.Elakkiya Member
4 Ms.R. Jeevaranjani Member