Compiler Lab

Lab In-charge

Mr. P. Robert , M.Tech
Associate Professor


  1. Implementation of Symbol Table
  2. Develop a lexical analyzer to recognize a few patterns in C. (Ex. identifiers, constants, comments, operators etc.)
  3. Implementation of Lexical Analyzer using Lex Tool
  4. Generate YACC specification for a few syntactic categories.
    a) Program to recognize a valid arithmetic expression that uses operator +, – , * and /.
    b) Program to recognize a valid variable which starts with a letter followed by any number of letters or digits. c)Implementation of Calculator using LEX and YACC
  5. Convert the BNF rules into YACC form and write code to generate Abstract Syntax Tree.
  6. Implement type checking
  7. Implement control flow analysis and Data flow Analysis
  8. Implement any one storage allocation strategies(Heap,Stack,Static)
  9. Construction of DAG
  10. Implement the back end of the compiler which takes the three address code and produces the 8086 assembly language instructions that can be assembled and run using a 8086 assembler. The target assembly instructions can be simple move, add, sub, jump. Also simple addressing modes are used.
  11. Implementation of Simple Code Optimization Techniques (Constant Folding., etc.)


  • Implementation Of Shift-Reduced Parsing Algorithms
  • Construction Of LR-Parsing Table