The Class committee meetings that are held periodically provide a platform for the students to discuss all academic issues.Any difficulties expressed by the students are noted and the same is duly communicated/forwarded to the principal and in turn it will be forwarded to the university when suggestions are invited

Student feedback form


The Alumni of the college provide useful feedback. The feedback helps existing students to adapt to system. They give constructive suggestions on helping the students achieve greater focus and improving themselves.

Alumni Feedback form filled during alumni Reunion

Graduate Exit Survey form


The Parents meet is conducted by college every semester apart from other issues enables parents to give suggestions regarding the curriculam of their wards. This is duly noted by the relevant persons in the college.

Parent Feedback form

Employer/ Industries

Representatives of various industries give extremely useful feedback regarding the employability of the students and also their expectation from the students. Hence, any additional requirements that the industries may appreciate is provided by the college. The feedbacks collected are discussed in detail with proper mechanism and the opinion of the coordinating committee is also taken into account. The institution takes part in the curriculam development process through appropriate analysis of feedback given by the various stakeholders from time to time and assimilates the suggestions in the functional style of the institution.

Employer Feedback form