Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers (ISIE)


IMPERIAL SOCIETY OF INNOVATIVE ENGINEERS (ISIE): ISIEINDIA is the most popular and favourite E-mobility Motorsports, Education and Research Publication organisation in India among engineering institutes and green energy research organisation.

ISIEINDIA is giving services in 22 states of India and 3 Countries (India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka). They are giving their innovative services to more than 50,000 + peoples.

ISIEINDIA is the 1st society in India who is motivating engineering students to work on commercial green Mobility. As an Observer Member, ISIE, a leading provider of green energy solutions, takes a keen interest in the activities of the Global Platform Advisory Council and the International Solar Federation. This group works to understand the business requirements of the Go-Green and Live Green services ecosystem and aims to ensure and create a workable environment.