Indian Concrete Institute (ICI)

Indian concrete institute – ICI

Indian concrete institute (ICI) is the premier professional body for concrete technology with above 12,000 members with 38 centers spread across India. It has on its fold the captains of construction industry. Building material manufacturers. Leading consultants & Civil engineers, contractors, Academicians and Educational Institutions. ICI was founded in 1982 with its headquarter at Chennai. ICI has collaborative with American concrete institute, Asian Concrete federation, Singapore concrete institution, Concrete institute of Australia etc., ICI publishes Quarterly journal containing Peer- Reviewed technical papers, Technical Abstracts about 40 Journals. ICI has also brought out a number of publications & Monographs on various related topics.

ICI embraces budding civil engineers thro ICI Students Chapters. There are more than 200 student’s chapters, all over the country and this number is on the increase. The very objective of these students’ chapters is to bridge the gap between their theoretical knowledge and what is being practiced in the field.

The objectives of the chapter are,

  • To promote growth of concrete construction and its sub-specializations.
  • To disseminate information and to arrange to train personnel for the needs of changing concepts in the technology.
  • To collaborate with national and international agencies in creating better understanding of concrete construction technology.
  • To indentify R & D problems of practical relevance to concrete construction technology.
  • To institute and distribute awards for outstanding achievements in concrete construction technology.
  • To arrange periodical seminars and exhibitions on the subject.
  • To arrange annual lecture series on selected topics of relevance to concrete constructions.