Kalavidh-The Confluence of Talents


Kalavidh the Fine Arts Club of the Vel Tech Multi Tech Dr.Rangarajan Dr.Sakunthala Engineering College is a place where the students involve in spending their time with their creativity in the fields of Fine Arts. This is a fully student operated club where maximum freedom is given to students to bring out their talents and creativity.


  • To encourage students to spend their time in a useful way towards fine arts
  • To serve as a stress buster
  • To improve the creativity of students
  • To improve various qualities such as leadership, team work and co-ordination
  • To make students have fun while they constantly invent, experiment, grow together


  • Music, Arts and Dance Practice sessions
  • Meetings and brain storming ideas
  • Special seminars and workshops by students themselves
  • Intra college cultural competitions

Club Conveners


K.Keerthana – III yr – BME

I.HariKrishnan – III yr – EEE

S.Kuldeep – III yr – CSE


S.SaiSriharish – III yr – Mech

V.Gayathri – II yr – ECE

M.Gayathri – II yr – IT


E.A.Jagatheeswar – III yr – Civil

Sam Melvin – II yr – Mech

Programs by the Club

  • NCC Felicitation Program for RD Cadets – 2015.
  • Music Band Participated in A.R.Rahman College of Music Competition.
  • Music Band Placed 2nd in the Vel Tech Fest.
  • Akshay Maitrayel and E.A.Jagatheeswar won the Winner and runner titles respectively in the Times of India – Fresh Face contest in the year 2014.
  • Music Band performed a song during the inauguration of the 2015-19 batch.
  • Dance team performed various dances during the inauguration of National level conference.
  • V.Gayathri and U.Shobana won the winner and first runner titles and Rijo John Mathew won the first runner title in the Times of India – Fresh Face contest in the year 2015.
  • NCC Felicitation Program for RD Cadets – 2016..
  • Various Dance performances in the Alumni meet dated 26/1/2016.
  • The Shortfilm titled “Vizhipu” awarded the first price at a short film contest.
  • The Shortfilm titled “Seyal – The action” was selected as one of the five short films among 100 entries for screening at the Russian Cultural Center, Chennai.


S.No Date VM.No Student Name Yr/Dept Event Name and Venue Prize
“EUPHORIA-2016” at PSG College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore