Library Advisory

Library Advisory

The Central Library has been built to International Standards,well-protected with fire safety, specialized collections of Books, Journals & Non-book materials are available in Basic Sciences,Engineering and Technology, Biomedical and Science and Humanities.There are a collection of 80,386 Volumes of Books, 19,906 Titles.

The Library has secured other institution membership like Anna University Library Card, American Library Card and British Council Library Card. All the books are bar-coded in the library and bar code scanners are used in the circulation counter for book transactions. Library has a EDUSAT Programmes and NPTEL video courses in the different fields of education. Apart from central library each Department having a separate library with Reference collection


  • To provide excellent services in support of teaching and research
  • To assist teaching and learning process with latest development in their respective disciplines
  • To encourage better relationships between library staff and students
  • To develop and enhance access to high quality resources
  • To ensure our library staffs are well – trained and motivated to create a positive environment for staff members and students
  • To play a leading role in enhancing the overall student experience


  • To develop and manage information resources
  • To increase the library usage
  • To improve the speed and quality of the resource discovery process
  • To provide current library materials and database that supports the academic curriculum
  • To collect library materials in all formats, broaden and update all collections to meet the needs of students and support the various aspects of the institution: Teaching, Training, Research and Services
  • To educate and assist students and staff in the identification and effective use of information resources
  • To work closely with user, know their needs and interests
  • To ensure that resources available are current and appropriate

Committee Members For Library Advisory

S.No Name of The Members Designation
1 Dr.V.Rajamani Principal-Chairperson
2 Dr.A.Karthikeyan Vice Principal-Member
3 Mr.K.A.Harish Academic Head
4 Dr.Kuppusamy.P.G Professor Incharge – Library
5 Mr. Sathish Kumar P Member
6 Mr. G. Ramamoorthy Member
7 Mr. G. Krishnamoorthy Member
8 Ms.Sheeja.N Member
9 Ms.Jasmine.J Student Member (BME)
10 Mr. Balaji.S Student Member (CIVIL)
11 Mr.AjithKumar.R Student Member (CSE)
12 Ms.Monisha.R Student Member(ECE)
13 Ms. Meenatchi.R Student Member (EEE)
14 Ms.Minuu.I Student Member (IT)
15 Mr.Pradeep.S Student Member (MECH)