Operating Systems Lab

Lab In-charge

Mr. S. Venkatesan , M.Tech
Assistant Professor


  1. Basics of UNIX commands.
  2. Shell Programming.
  3. Implement the following CPU scheduling algorithms
    a) Round Robin b) SJF c) FCFS d) Priority
  4. Implement all file allocation strategies
    a) Sequential b) Indexed c) Linked
  5. Implement Semaphores
  6. Implement all File Organization Techniques
    a) Single level directory b) Two level c) Hierarchical d) DAG
  7. Implement Bankers Algorithm for Dead Lock Avoidance
  8. Implement an Algorithm for Dead Lock Detection
  9. Implement all page replacement algorithms
    a) FIFO b) LRU c) LFU
  10. Implement Shared memory and IPC
  11. Implement Paging Technique of memory management.
  12. Implement Threading & Synchronization Applications


  • Advanced Synchronization in Operating System for Managing Resources
  • Introduction to Ubuntu OS