Patent Filed

S.No Title Faculty Guide Application No
1 Detection Of Skin Cancer Using Feature Extraction And Classification Of Its Types Using SVM Mrs.Jenisha 201641019473
2 Square spiral nano antenna for solar energy harvesting in terahertz region Mr. D.Ruban Thomas 201641021550

Patents Published

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Design, Performance Analysis And Enhancement Of Microstrip Antenna For 4g/5g Application Dr.V. Rajamani
2 Food Adulteration Detection Using E-Nose And E-Tongue Mr.A.Mohamed Abbas 201741017267
3 Design Of An Ultra Low Power Cmos Low Noise Amplifier For Wpan Receiver Dr.S.Manjula
4 Accurate Detection Of Breast Cancer Based On Optical And Thermal Imaging Fusion Mr.S.Prabhu Kumar 201741017269
5 Fusion Of Wavelet And Texture Feature For Multi Biometrics Crypto Security System Using T-Norm Dr.M.Suganthy
6 Determination  Of Water Stress On Crops Using Thermal Images Mrs. S.Leopauline
Mrs. P.S.Arthy
7 Detection And Classification Laryngeal Tumor Using Endoscopic Video Mrs.R. Kalpana 201741025066
8 An Internal Startup For PACEMAKER With Thermal Harvesting Technology Mrs.P.Sharmila 201741025027
9 ATM Cash With Drawal Using IVRS For Visually Impaired People Mrs.S. Lakshmi
10 Optimal Segmentation Normalized Graph Cut For Brain Tumor Detection Mr.V.Senthil Kumar 201741025065
11 Design Of Ultra Low Power Wide CMOS LNA With MEM Capacitance Mr. Bala Venkateswarlu 201741025025
12 Real Time Monitoring  Of Contamination And Detection In Drinking Water Using WSN Mr. K.Saravanan 201741025062
13 Shared Memory Architecture Implementation For A Reliable Low Power 128 Point Fft Processor Using Mr. G. Vishnu Vardhan Rao 201741025026
14 Design Of An Ultra Low Power CMOS  Low Noise Amplifier For WPAN Receiver Mr. Ashok S 201741025024
15 Troubleshooting And Location Identification In Transmission Distribution Lines Using WI Mr. Arun Ragheesh J T 201741025063
16 Automation Of Ration Product Distributive System Using Embedded Technology Mrs.B.Saranya 201841018486
17 Smart Phone Based License Issuing System Ms.P.Nithya 201841018459
18 Human Body Motion Control For Humanoids And Bipedal Robots Mr.V.Prabhu 201841018463
19 A Framework For Leukocytes Segmentation Using Microscopic Blood Smear In Digital Signal Processing Mrs. S.Leopauline 201841018484
20 Design And Development Of Control System For Torsion Bar Testing Machine Using Rasperri Pi Mr.Arun Raghesh J T 201841018469
21 A Design Of Multi Channel Data Trasmission Through Power Line Communication Dr.A.Kavitha 201841018443
22 Airborne Artificial Intelligence Remote Sensing Status & Development Using LIDAR Dr.V.Rajamani 1680/CHE/2015
23 Development Of Mobile Call Blocking Systems For Accident Prevention Using Android 2325/CHE/2015