Over the past decade, Vel Tech Multi Tech’s presence has grown in both stature and magnitude. Fueled by the passion in technology, the College is making important contributions to more fields and sectors than ever before. This growth has added to our reputation as a knowledge-intensive institution.

The research ambitions of Vel Tech Multi Tech’s diverse faculty, staff, and students are motivated by 21st century challenges. The College takes special pride in pioneering new frontiers in science, engineering, art, and industry, contributing to the creation of new ideas, products, and services in sectors such as public policy, energy, health care, education, and information technology. Through its wide-ranging research initiatives, Vel Tech Multi Tech is identifying multidisciplinary solutions to some of society’s most taxing problems.


Patents Granted

S.No Faculty Title
1 Dr. G.Hemath Kumar Formation of Hole Making Technique during Thermoforming method
2 Dr. Periasamy Selvaraju Point Load System for Super-Enhancement of energy by using Gravitational Force
3 Dr.V.Rajamani Airborne artificial intelligence remote sensing status & development using LIDAR
4 Dr.V.Rajamani Broadband circularly polarized capacitive feed truncated microstrip antenna for GPRS application

Patents Filed
S.No Date Application No Department Title Student Name Internal Faculty Guide
Academic Year 2016-2017
1 05.10.2016 201641034053 CSE Reversible Watermarking Technique Based On Time.Stamp For Relational Datareversible Watermarking Technique Based On Time.Stamp For Relational Data Pooja M.Naidu, D.Ganeshkumar
G.Renuka Devi
2 22.08.2016 201641028511 CSE Security And Privacy Of Networking Using Domain Specific Design Patterns S. Rajasekaran( JRF) Dr.Rangarajan
3 22.08.2016 201641028521 CSE Heterogeneous In Remote Based Human Healthcare Monitoring System With Advanced Protection Using Sign S. Rajasekaran( JRF) Dr.Rangarajan
4 22.08.2016 201641028502 CSE Design And Implementation Of Forecasting Stock Market Using Fuzzy Clustering and Artificial Neural Network N S. Rajasekaran( JRF) Dr.Rangarajan
5 20.07.2016 201641024775 MECH Design and Fabrication of Underwater Robot(ROV) Vignesh.N.S A.Thamariselvan
Sasi Kumar.R
Jagathish Kumar
6 04.07.2016 201641022879 MECH Design and Fabrication of compressed Air Engine N.Vishnu R.Paul Linga Prakash
7 23.06.2016 201641021550 ECE Square spiral nano antenna for solar energy harvesting in terahertz region V.Arun D.Ruban Thomas
Luqman Hakkim
R.Veni Madavn
8 13.06.2016 201641020128 CSE Secure ranked data search cloud using OPE M.Sai Priya S.Vel Murugan
9 08.06.2016 201641019619 BME Modified limb lead system for atrial ECG components N/A Dr.J.Sivaraman
10 08.06.2016 201641019621 IT Measuring calorie and nutrition from food image  S.Arun P.Manjula
Yogesh Kumar
11 07.06.2016 201641019473 ECE Detection Of Skin Cancer Using Feature Extraction And Classification Of Its Types Using SVM I.Nancy Mrs.Jenisha
12 09.05.2016 201641016086 EEE Energy Theft Preventer M.Joshua Nesa Kumar Mr.Gunasekar
13 06.05.2016 201641015843 BME Wireless Robotic Wheel Chair Using Emg & Eog Signals For Paralysed Persons Karthick S Mr.S.Sathish
Sathyaprakash C
Shabeer B
14 03.05.2016 201641015336 EEE Transmission Line Fault Detector In Remote Areas Using Advanced Wireless Technology T.A.Charles Ms.S.Swetha
JA Niranjan.
S Santhosh Kumar.
E K Shyam Sunder.
Academic Year 2015-2016
15 29.04.2016 201641014919 BME Wheel Chair With Stair Climbing and height Adjustment Mechanism Karthick.S Mr.S.Sathish
Satgya Prakash.C
16 08.04.2016 201641012412 EEE Fuelless Electromagnetic Engine M.Kaviarasu            K.Sivaranjan  Thiyagarajan R.Chandralekha
17 06.04.2016 201641012087 MECH Design and Fabrication of Seed Feeder M.Sivaprakash D.Sathish Kumar
18 06.04.2016 201641012086 MECH Sun tracking using Solar PV module Subramaniyan.R D. Sathish Kumar
19 16.11.2015 6157/CHE/2015 Physics New classes of point load system for trap[ping unused gravitational force N/A Dr. P Selvaraju
20 18.06.2015 3048/CHE/2015 IT Avoidance of dust pollution in roadways due to heavy vehicles with information system Konduru Jashwanth, Rajesh Khanna
S. Aravind,
M.Dinesh Khanna
21 18.06.2015 3047/CHE/2015 MECH Versatile Bicycle C.Shyam, S. Lakshmanan
K.Saravana Muthu
22 18.06.2015 3046/CHE/2015 IT Drainage level detecting system A.Fazila P.Suresh
23 07.05.2015 2326/CHE/2015 CSE Dynamic keypad for ATM S. Kaushik John Justin Thangaraj
D Kevin
I Selvamani
24 07.05.2015 2325/CHE/2015 IT Development of mobile call blocking system for accident prevention using ANDROID R. Keerthana, P.Robert
D Sarguna
Academic Year 2014-2015
25 10.04.2015 1882/CHE/2015 MECH Free Wheel Engine A.V.Suriya Deepan, R.Paul Linga Prakash
S.Loga Prasanna
26 31.03.2015 1680/CHE/2015 ECE Airborne artificial intelligence remote sensing status & development using LIDAR Ms.P.Rajalakshmi, Dr.V.Rajamani
27 19.03.2015 1348/CHE/2015 ECE Reactive Power Minimization and Unity Voltage Transfer in a distorted as suppyl by using hybrid indirect matrix connector C.Raja Nil
28 26.09.2014 4711/CHE/2014 Physics Gravitational force added energy by point load system N/A Dr. P Selvaraju
29 24.09.2014 4648/CHE/2014 BME Development of Green Sustainable infilled concrete wall panels S.Prabhakaran Nil
S.Devi Abirami
30 02.09.2014 4264/CHE/2014 BME Novel Fall Detection Algorithm for the Elderly People D.Felix Monica Nil
31 13.08.2014 3974/CHE/2014 Physics Point load system gravity added energy N/A Dr. P Selvaraju
32 27.06.2014 3130/CHE/2014 ECE Real Time Remote Face Detection System with HAAR Classifier on Raspberry PI A.V.Karthick Nil
Dhinesh kumar
33 27.06.2014 3132/CHE/2014 IT Automate Feed processing system for res M.Sindhu Nil
Academic Year 2013-2014
34 29.07.2013 3372/CHE/2013 Physics Multiflication of Energy using point load system N/A Dr. P Selvaraju
35 25.03.2013 1270/CHE/2013 Physics Energy Generation from point load system N/A Dr. P Selvaraju
36 03.07.2012 2659/CHE/2012 Physics Point load system for super – Enhancement of energy by using gravitational force. N/A Dr. P Selvaraju

Student Patents