Reason to choose

To start an exciting journey of success, we welcome you to be a part of our institution. When you become a student of our institution you will come to meet people from various parts of our country, meet like-minded friends, and find yourself being stretched with challenges and being stimulated through out your academic career.

We will lead you on the right path and make you to achieve your dream/goal. We swear that you are investing your bright future by spending your valuable time with us by developing your confidence that you will leave our institution at the end of your academics filled with quality education and this will lead you to achieve your dream. We also help you to develop your skills on communication, personality development and aptitude for getting placed in a reputed organization.

Our institution is equipped with talented and experienced faculty members, who will guide and lead the students in their right path to achieve their goals. Our faculty members are well-versed in their respective subjects and also urge themselves to involve in R&D progarmmes related to their field of research. Throughout your day in our institution, your experience will be filled with innovative/creative thoughts/ideas for global-changing developments and our dedicated Staff Members will help you in moulding your career.

College life is not only studying and getting a degree but also moulding a student’s skill in all aspects. This is a place where you can learn what life actually means and also you will realize your reason to live a meaningful life in future.

As per the words of our chairman Dr.R.RANGARAJAN,

“Lead a Life of, Born To Achieve Something, Born To Win Everything”.
  • Unique methodology in teaching.
  • 100% assurance in getting placement for eligible student.
  • Industry institute interaction.
  • Student-centered Teaching.
  • Continuous assessment system.
  • Industrial visits will be arranged frequently.
  • In-plant training.
  • Guest Lectures by eminent scholars.
  • Symposiums & Seminars conducted regularly.
  • National & International Conferences.
  • University toppers in all subjects.
  • Bonvoyage, a special function arranged to send off the students going abroad.
  • Good relations with alumni.
  • Scholarships and concessions for deserving candidates.
  • Gold rings & medals are awarded for university rank holders.
  • Maintenance of progress report for every student.
  • Trained to satisfy industry expectations.
  • Students technical project exhibition conducted annually.
  • Encouraging students to do mini projects on specific area of interest.
  • Involving students in co-curricular activities to earn more  internal marks.
  • Encourages R&D and honors them.
  • Mathematics Competency Development.
  • Videography sessions to improve PRESENTATION & COMMUNICATION SKILLS to the students.
  •  Situated 20 kms from Chennai Airport and Railway station.
  •   Situated 10 kms from CMBT and have frequent transportation.
  •   Equipped with latest technology & facilities.
  •   Well stocked libraries.
  •   Motivating students to develop their extracurricular activities like NCC, NSS and YRC.
  • Canteen provides delicious, nutritious and hygienic  food.