Security Lab

Lab In-charge

Mr. P. Robert , M.Tech
Associate Professor


  1. Implement the following SUBSTITUTION & TRANSPOSITION TECHNIQUES concepts:
    a) Caesar Cipher
    b) Playfair Cipher
    c) Hill Cipher
    d) Vigenere Cipher
    e) Rail fence – row & Column Transformation
  2. Implement the following algorithms
    a) DES
    b) RSA Algorithm
    c) Diffiee-Hellman d) MD5 e) SHA-1
  3. Implement the SIGNATURE SCHEME – Digital Signature Standard
  4. Demonstrate how to provide secure data storage, secure data transmission and for creating digital signatures (GnuPG).
  5. Setup a honey pot and monitor the honeypot on network (KF Sensor)
  6. Installation of rootkits and study about the variety of options
  7. Perform wireless audit on an access point or a router and decrypt WEP and WPA.( Net Stumbler)
  8. Demonstrate intrusion detection system (ids) using any tool (snort or any other s/w)


  • Advanced encryption standard algorithm
  • Triple DES algorithm