S&H-About the Department

About S&H Department

The Department of Science and Humanities was established in 1999 with the student strength of 180. Besides teaching and learning, it is actively involved in research activities. It integrates humanities (arts) and science in moulding students holistically. The department is aimed to support the Engineering Departments with respect to the requirement of syllabi. The department is keen in imparting knowledge which inculcates ethical values, and promotes social responsibility. We teach real science and arts which acts as a catalyst for individual transformation.

The Department is a full-fledged department with 48 experienced faculty members from English, Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

The Department of Science and Humanities has two research centres; Physics and Chemistry. Both were recognized by Anna University in 2012. The research centres cater to the needs of scholars from our college as well as from other institutions. Both centres have been funded by various funding agencies.