Laboratory Details


Lab name


1. Physics Laboratory Lees’ disc apparatus, Air Wedge apparatus, Spectrometer, Diode laser or He-Ne laser, Ultrasonic interferometer, B-H Curve traces apparatus, Torsional Pendulum apparatus, Non-uniform Bending apparatus, Viscosity apparatus, Band gap apparatus/Post office, Carey Foster Bridge
2. Chemistry Laboratory Electronic balance, pH meter, Conductivity bridge, Potentiometer, Platinum electrodes, Calomel electrodes, Spectrophotometer, Flame photometer, Oswald viscometer, Glassware
3. Chemistry
R&D Laboratory
pH meter, melting point apparatus, modern lab, Spectrophotometer, Flame photometer, Oswald viscometer, UV lamp and  double distilled water plant
4. Communication Skills Laboratory PIV system,1 GB RAM / 40 GB HDD,OS: Win 2000 server,Audio card with headphones (with mike),JRE 1.3, Interactive Teacher Control Software, English Language Lab Software, Career Lab software, Handicam Video Camera (with video lightsand mic input),Television – 29, Collar mike, Cordless mikes, Audio Mixer, DVD Recorder / Player, LCD Projector with MP3 /CD /DVD provision for audio / video facility
5. Computer Practice Laboratory – I & II LAN system with 33 nodes, Printer, Operating System(Windows /Unix Clone), C compiler, Application package (Office suite)
6. Circuits & Devices Laboratory 0-30V RPS, 0-50V RPS ,0-5V RPS , 0-30V Voltmeter, 0-10V Voltmeter, 0-50V Voltmeter, 0-1V Voltmeter, 0-30mA Ammeter, 0-100mA AC Amplifier, Audio Oscillator, CRO(30 MHZ), Diodes, Zener Diodes,Transistors (PNP & NPN), UJT, SCR, JFET, MOSFET, DIAC & TRIAC, Photodiode, Photo Transistor, Required passive components, Variable Resistor
7. Electronics device laboratory Dual Trace Oscilloscope 20 MHz(EZ), Dual Trace Oscilloscope 20 MHz(philips & Scienctech), Digital Multimeter, Soldring Iron, Dual Regulated Power Supply (0-30)V/1A, DC Power Supply (0-30)V,
High Voltage Power Supply(0-300)V/100mA, Function Generator,
AC voltmeter 896(0-15), FET Voltmeter, Voltmeter (0-1), Digital Panel meter (0-2), Voltmeter (0-300), V4 dial (1ohm to 9killoohm, 5 dial (1 ohm to 900killoohm)
8. Computer Aided Machine Drawing Lab AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, PRO-E
9. Electrical Circuits Laboratory C.R.O, D.C, Power Supply, Function Generator, Digital Storage Oscilloscope
10. PDS Standalone desktops with C compiler 30 Nos. or Server with C compiler supporting 30 terminals or more