Sponsored Research Detail



Financial Year Name of Faculty (Principal Investigator) Name of the Funding agency Title of the Project Sanctioned

order no.

Sanctioned date Sanctioned Amount (in Rs) Amount received (in words)
1 2015-16 Dr.J.Sivaraman DST Design and development of a modified limb lead ECG recording system for the prediction of cardio Vascular diseases in indian population EEQ/2016/000246 08.12.2016 2300000 Twent three lakhs
2 Dr.S.T.Selvamani Joining of aluminium alloy with low carbon steel by cold metal transfer(CMT) arc welding process EEQ/2016/000/114 12.12.2016 4200000 Fourty two lakhs
3 Dr.K.Mohana Sundram PV Based Cost-Effective “Needle-Plate” Type ESP in a Medical Wastes Incinerator DST/TSG/WM/2015/557 23.02.2016 2884000 Twenty eight lakh and eighty four thousand
4 2014-15 Dr.S.Palani DRDO Mechatronics based design & development of Magnetorheological abrasive flow miling ARMERB/20/20001/M/17 23.12.2014 1186000 Eleven lakh and eighty six thousand
5 Dr.Sugumar DST-SERB Design of stock Market prediction system Using Fuzzy clustering and Arrificial Neural Networks SB/FTP/ETA-0038/2014 07.05.2014 2646000 Twenty six lakh and forty six thousand
6 2013-14 Dr. A. Rengarajan DST-SERB Security and Privacy of Networking using Domain specific design patterns SB/FTP/ETA-51/2013 09.05.2013 1524000 Fifteen lakh and twenty four thouasnd
7 Dr. M Akila Maheswari DST-SERB Speciation and rapid seperation of Hg,Pb and cd species by RP-HPLC method:Using Structuraly Designed monilithic  columns anchored with tailore- made organic modifier CS-112/2013 30.08.2013 2276000 Twenty two lakh and seventy six thousand
8 Dr.N.S.Karthikeyan DST-SERB Synthesis and investigation of new rigid/non-rigid phenanthridine derivatives and their cyclometalated iridium (III) complex,as chemosensor for Hg2+ CS-168/2013 30.08.2013 2276000 Twenty two lakh and seventy six thousand
TOTAL 19292000 One Crore ninety Two Lakhs and Ninety Two Thousand