Student Council


Our vision is to uphold the college vision of building a future for students and communities, through student leaders who support sound decision making practices, critical thinking skills, empowering the student voice, and college committee representation.


The mission of the Student Council is

  • To contribute to maintaining and enhancing student life in all the relevant aspects such as academic and social areas.

  • To mediate the gap between the students and administration.

  • To improve transparency through consistent communication with the students.

  • To encourage and support active participation of all students in community engagement projects.

  • To enhance participation of students in placement, training and innovation activities.

  • To represent the student body in all matters pertaining to the betterment of the institution.

  • To represent the interests of the student body through initiatives, programs and services that enriches students’ lives.

What is a Student Council?

A Student Council is a representative structure through which students in the institution can become involved in the affairs of the institution, working in partnership with management and staff and parents for the benefit of the institution and its students.

Student Council Members

Arbitrator teachers

The list of arbitrator teachers is as follows:

1 Mr. S. Sathish HOD/BME
2 Ms. R.Subalakshmi HOD/CIVIL
3 Dr. A. Rengarajan HOD/CSE
Mr. V.Prabhu HOD/ECE
5 Mr.G.Panneerselvam HOD/EEE
Mr. R.Prabhu HOD/IT
Mr. M.Selvam HOD/MECH

Council Members

1 VM9377 Madhivanan IV/BME
2 VM10135 Priya Kumari III/BME
3 VM9054 Santhosh Bharathi IV/CIVIL
4 VM9810 Mahendran.S III/CIVIL
5 VM9190 T.G.Gowtham IV/CSE
6 VM9910 Keerthika. R III/CSE
7 VM8692 Dheeraj Kumar IV/ECE
8 VM9469 Mukesh Kumar S M III/ECE
9 VM8875 Krishnakumar IV/EEE
10 VM9549 Balaji B III/EEE
11 VM9263 B.Chanthuru IV/IT
12 VM9961 Santhosi III/IT
13 VM9002 Arunprakash IV/MECH
14 VM9740 Pratheep.S III/MECH

Student Council Member’s Contract

I ___________________________________ am willing to undertake the following duties:

1. To attend all Student Council meetings.

2. To inform students in my year group of the issues raised or dealt with in the Student Council.

3. To represent my Year Group responsibly and to fulfill any representation to the best of my

4. I acknowledge that I am accountable to the other Student Council members and to the Liaison

5. I will abide by the university rules.

N.B. Failure to honor this contract will lead to dismissal from the council.

Signed: ______________________________________ Date: ______________________

Parent / Guardian

Signed: ______________________________________ Date: ______________________

Liaison Teacher:

Signed: ______________________________________ Date: ______________________


Signed: ______________________________________ Date: _______________