Web Programming Lab

Lab In-charge

Mr. P. Robert , M.Tech
Associate Professor


  1. Write a html program for Creation of web site with forms, frames, links, tables etc >
  2. Design a web site using HTML and DHTML. Use Basic text Formatting, Images,
  3. Create a script that asks the user for a name, then greets the user with “Hello” and the user name on the page
  4. Create a script that collects numbers from a page and then adds them up and prints them to a blank field on the page.
  5. Create a script that prompts the user for a number and then counts from 1 to that number displaying only the odd numbers.
  6. Create a script that will check the field in Assignment 1 for data and alert the user if it is blank. This script should run from a button.
  7. Using CSS for creating web sites
  8. Creating simple application to access data base using JDBC Formatting HTML with CSS.
  9. Program for manipulating Databases and SQL.
  10. Program using PHP database functions.
  11. Write a web application that functions as a simple hand calculator, but also keeps a “paper trail” of all your previous work
  12. Install Tomcat and use JSP and link it with any of the assignments above
  13. Reading and Writing the files using .Net
  14. Write a program to implement web service for calculator application
  15. Implement RMI concept for building any remote method of your choice.


  • Web service for calculator application.
  • Creating XML document with XML DTD AND XML SCHEMA, SAX, XSL