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Central Library

The Central Library is established to enhance the students knowledge. Specialized collections of Books, Journals & Non-book materials are available in Basic Sciences, Engineering, and Technology, Biomedical and Science and Humanities. There is a collection of 80,386 Volumes of Books, 19,906 Titles. The Library has secured other institution membership like Anna University Library Card, American Library Card and British Council Library Card. All the books are bar-coded in the library and bar code scanners are used in the circulation counter for book transactions. Library has a EDUSAT Programmes and NPTEL video courses in the different fields of education. Apart from central library each department is having a separate library with Reference collection.


We strive in providing comfort for vivid learners and knowledge seekers. We ensure that brilliant minds are given peaceful niche to enhance their brilliance. We increase starvation for science converging it to research.


We facilitate in elevating pedagogy by providing required resources in all available formats and thus helping bright minds to shine illuminous in the global scenario.


  • E-Access Service
  • Circulation Service
  • CD-ROM Search Service
  • Reference Service
  • Digital Library Service
  • Inter Library Loan Service
  • NPTEL program Service
  • News Paper Clipping Service
  • Media Resource Service
  • Question Paper Service
  • Photocopying Service
  • Current Awareness Service
Library Advisory

Library Advisory

The Central Library has been built to International Standards,well-protected with fire safety, specialized collections of Books, Journals & Non-book materials are available in Basic Sciences,Engineering and Technology, Biomedical and Science and Humanities.There are a collection of 80,386 Volumes of Books, 19,906 Titles. The Library has secured other institution membership like Anna University Library Card, American Library Card and British Council Library Card. All the books are bar-coded in the library and bar code scanners are used in the circulation counter for book transactions. Library has a EDUSAT Programmes and NPTEL video courses in the different fields of education. Apart from central library each Department having a separate library with Reference collection


  • To provide excellent services in support of teaching and research
  • To assist teaching and learning process with latest development in their respective disciplines
  • To encourage better relationships between library staff and students
  • To develop and enhance access to high quality resources
  • To ensure our library staffs are well – trained and motivated to create a positive environment for staff members and students
  • To play a leading role in enhancing the overall student experience


  • To develop and manage information resources
  • To increase the library usage
  • To improve the speed and quality of the resource discovery process
  • To provide current library materials and database that supports the academic curriculum
  • To collect library materials in all formats, broaden and update all collections to meet the needs of students and support the various aspects of the institution: Teaching, Training, Research and Services
  • To educate and assist students and staff in the identification and effective use of information resources
  • To work closely with user, know their needs and interests
  • To ensure that resources available are current and appropriate

Committee Members For Library Advisory

S.No Name of The Members Designation
1 Dr.V.Rajamani Principal-Chairperson
2 Dr.A.Karthikeyan Vice Principal-Member
3 Mr.K.A.Harish Academic Head
4 Dr.Kuppusamy.P.G Professor Incharge – Library
5 Mr. Sathish Kumar P Member
6 Mr. G. Ramamoorthy Member
7 Mr. G. Krishnamoorthy Member
8 Ms.Sheeja.N Member
9 Ms.Jasmine.J Student Member (BME)
10 Mr. Balaji.S Student Member (CIVIL)
11 Mr.AjithKumar.R Student Member (CSE)
12 Ms.Monisha.R Student Member(ECE)
13 Ms. Meenatchi.R Student Member (EEE)
14 Ms.Minuu.I Student Member (IT)
15 Mr.Pradeep.S Student Member (MECH)
Rules and Regulations

Library Rules and Regulations


  • All users are required to sign in the Gate Entry Register upon entrance to the library.
  • All users must observe total silence in the library and its environs at all times.
  • All bags, cases, folders etc. must be left in the luggage area outside the library.
  • Users are not allowed to log in using their personal passwords at the search computers or to access the internet from there.
  • No student is allowed to enter the circulation area without the consent of the library staff
  • No library equipment may be moved, modified or tampered without permission from the librarian

Borrowing Procedure

  • A user must be a registered student in the current term to be able to use the library services
  • All students must present their Library Membership Cards before borrowing any library materials
  • Library materials may not be removed from the library unless the library staff has properly issued them out
  • Students are allowed to borrow a maximum of four books for a period of 15 days
  • All borrowed materials must be returned on or before the due date
  • Students are not allowed to borrow books on behalf of others or transfer borrowed materials to other students

The following materials can only be used within the library

  • Reference books
  • Newspapers
  • Journals and magazines

WORKING HOURS:  Monday – Saturday 7.30 AM to 7.00 PM

All Sundays and Public Holidays – 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM

Damage/Loss of Library Materials

  • All users will be held responsible for any damage or loss of library materials in their possession and will be required to meet the cost of replacement and processing
  • Users must ensure that the books they borrow are in good condition to avoid being held responsible for any damages noted while returning the books
  • Lost books must be reported to the librarian immediately and replaced or paid for
  • Lost library books that are recovered, must be handed to the librarian as they remain the property of the college library

Overdue Charges/Fines

  • General collection books-Rs. 1 per day


  • All registered students, faculty and staff have borrowing privileges in the library.

Loan periods

The length of time that books may be borrowed is as follows

  • Students: Four books for 15 days; renewable once
  • Faculty (Teaching): Five books for 1 month
  • Other staff (Non Teaching): Two books for 1 month
Digital Library

Digital Library

Vel Tech Multi Tech Dr Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala Engineering College being the college responsibility to initiate requisite action to establish a Digital library for the benefit of its user community. Digital Library is to act as a subject gateway providing access to the information resources of various libraries and information services both internal and external, all in one place, enabling users to search, browse and download any required data needed quickly and easily.

Online Resources

The Digital Library accesses the following:

Available in Desktop

  • Online E-Journals
  • Anna University Question Papers
  • Anna University Syllabus

Other Useful Websites and Other Search Engines



Vel Tech Multi Tech Dr Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala Engineering College has the following collections in the library for the students to update their knowledge according to the recent trends.




Current Periodicals


Journal Back Volumes




Educational CDs & Floppies


UG & PG Project Reports


News Papers



Access to More then 2100+









1 ECE 8742 2185
2 EEE 6865 1716
3 CSE 8028 2007
4 IT 7800 1950
5 MECH 5607 1401
6 CIVIL 3107 776
7 BME 3607 902
8 S & H 7540 1685
TOTAL 51296 12622
9 M.E(CSE) 1700 437
10 M.E(EMB.) 1500 375
11 M.E(NET.) 1400 350
12 M.E(VLSI) 1400 350
13 M.Tech.(IT) 1300 325
14 MBA 11228 2807
15 MCA 10562 2640
TOTAL 29090 7284
UG+PG TOTAL 80386 19906



Resource Sharing

The library is a member of various library networks, to facilitate sharing of resources. Some of these networks are:

  • DELNET (Developing Library Networks)
  • AU (Anna University Library, Chennai)
  • BCL (British Council Library, Chennai)
  • AIRC (American Information Resource Center, Chennai)
  • Veltech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology
  • Veltech Hightech Dr.Rangarajan Dr.Sakunthala engineering college Library
  • Veltech (RS Trust) Library
  • Veltech Ranga Sanku arts college Library
  • Vel Sri Rangarajan Sakunthala College of Management and Science Library


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