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Enhancement in Innovation

The Institution’s Innovation cell encourages students by providing the required resources, funding ad support to students to convert their innovative ideas into products. Students are encouraged to participate in innovation challenges, hackathons and other such events that’s stimulates their creativity and innovation.

As a result of the same, students have won the following cash prizes,

  • Students of Mechanical won the OVERALL BEST PERFORMER and a cash prize of Rs. 25000.00 for the bicycle designed by them.
  • Students of IT were selected to participate in the final round of the Hackathon event.

Enhancement in Research

Research incentives are offered to motivate faculty members to publish quality research publications, availing sponsored research projects, patent filing process, and other research-related activities.

  • More than 125 faculty members participated in various FDPs and workshops
  • Publications in SCOPUS has increased to 1300 research papers and 324 in WoS.
  • The h-index of the institution in SCOPUS is increased from 8 to 30 and from 4 to 24 in WoS.
  • 11 patents granted out of 214 published.

Enhancement in Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell encourages students by providing mentorship, training and incubation services. It encourages the students to develop their ideas, access funding and connect with MSME for further development and support of the same.

Facilitation of Collaboration

Collaboration is one of the vital factor for eco system development. The institution brings together all its stakeholders and creates a platform for networking and knowledge sharing which leads to the creation of new ideas and ventures