About the Department

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering marches towards creating engineers capable of attaining supremacy in every new technology and innovation with commitment and enthusiasm. The Department offers a stimulating environment for its students to do their project work and to identify and seek solutions to the problems of industries. A student passing out of this Department will have the ability to build, motivate and lead project teams effectively and will have the confidence to solve complex technical problems and organizational issues.


  • The department, as part of a valuable institution, will be a hub of creating power engineers with world class quality, human values and ethical views.
  • Establish itself as an excellent academic center through expert pedagogical methods and excellent laboratories to produce world class Electrical engineers. Make tie ups with industries, research centers and renowned institutions to synergize the benefits. Contribute towards the upliftment of the society.


  • To prepare students for successful careers in industry that meets the needs of Indian and global industries as employable professionals.
  • To develop the ability among students to synthesize data and technical concepts for application to product design of societal importance.
  • To provide the P.G students with a sound foundation in the mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve and analyze engineering problems and to prepare them for employability and higher studies.
  • To promote student awareness of the life long learning and to introduce them to professional ethics and codes of professional practice.


  • To Offer the P.G Program in Embedded System Technology with imparting domain knowledge in Electrical circuits, electronic devices ; Computer science and Communication Engineering to develop inter-process communication techniques based on hardware–software approaches for real time process automations.
  • An ability to design and conduct experiments as well as to organize, analyze and interpret data on multidisciplinary domains as role of electronics, computer science, communication engineering for electrical applications.
  • Be able to identify problems in major issues of Electrical Systems , analyze problems, co-ordinate through all options in design & developments and solve them using the knowledge base of Embedded Technology.
  • An ability to effectively communicate technical information in speech, presentation, and in writing.