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About The Department

Robotics and Automation Engineering Department aims at providing an integrated learning environment to students by enabling them to think and develop their skill in the field of automation . Students are exposed to courses from multiple discipline to achieve a perfect blend of expertise in various field of technologies to build a succe

To impart quality education in the field of Robotics and Automation Engineering to mould skilled and dedicated workforce to drive the nation in compliance with right values and ethics.

Mission of The Department
  • To inculcate the culture of developing automation skills through quality education
  • To build high quality engineers to undertake the challenges in the thrust areas of Robotics and Automation  nationally and globally.
  • To build the self esteem in budding engineers to face the real challenges in the field of 

ssful career as a Robotic Engineer.The program prepares  skilled industry experts as well as  robotic analysts who will lead the automation industry in the future. The students will have career opportunities in Space Research, Medical Field,Manufacturing units, Investigation Fields, Mining, Marine field, Military ,Entertainment and banking sectors.

Vision of the Departmentautomation with creative learning practice.
1 MTS 1922 Ms.PRIYADHARSHINI.A Assistant Professor
2 MTS 1921 Mr.BALAKRISHNAN.R Assistant Professor


Year Pattern Assessment per Semester
First Year General Engineering Subjects Two Continous Assessments, Assignments & End Semester Examination
Second Year Level-1 Core Subjects Two Continous Assessments, Assignments,Industrial Training & End Semester Examination
Third Year Level-2 Core Subjects,Professional Electives & Mini Projects Two Continous Assessments, Assignments,Industrial Training, Internship & End Semester Examination
final Year Advanced Core Subjects, Professional- Open Electives & Main Project Two Continous Assessments, Assignments, Internship-II,Main Project & End Semester Examination

Industrial visits are arranged to Renowned Industries to Explore the Real Time Scenario and Challenges in the field of Robotics and Automation. The students will be regularly exposed to the Industry Environment to mould them and make them Industry relevant. A strong partnership with industry will help the students to get absorbed to their dream companies in no time.

Institute Industry Interaction is the key point to become a successful Engineer. Guest Lectures and Value added courses are provided to our students with the vision of imparting specific knowledge and skill in the field of Robotics and Automation Engineering.